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What is inside the WD Elements Hard drive?

What is inside the WD Elements Hard drive?

Here is a list of hard drive retrieved by opening up the casing of both Desktop and portable WD Elements External Hard Drive

If you need to buy it you can get it here:

Western Digital WD Elements 2 TB USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive

To learn how to take apart WD Elements Desktop hard drive, go to this post:

To learn how to take apart WD Element Pocket hard drive go to this post:

The following  is the current list of Hard disk found by opening up the casing of WD Elements External hard drive:

Tip from Daniel, Look for a DCM at the bottom of the external box!

For 2.5" drives, you can also visit this post to find out if you drive is usb native:

WD Elements Desktop

  • 2TB: Western Digital Caviar Green WD20EACS 16MB Cache
  • 2TB: Western Digital Caviar Green WD20EARS 32MB Cache
  • 2TB Western Digital Caviar Green WD20EADS 32MB Cache, DCM: DCCCAAB (Thanks Daniel!)
  • 2TB Western Digital Caviar Green WD20EARS 64MB Cache, DCM: JCCCAAB (Thanks Daniel!)
  • 1.5TB WD15EARS 64MB Cache, DCM: CBAAAA (Thanks Jacko!)
  • 1TB: Western Digital Caviar Green WD20EARS 32MB Cache
  • 3TB: Western Digitial Caviar Green 3.0 TB SATA/64MB Cache WD30EZRS  DCM MCCCAAB  (Contributed by anonymous user)
  • 2.5TB:  SCCCAAA,  WD25EZRS. 64MB Cache Caviar Green (Thanks Cannan!)
  • 3TB: Contains mostly Caviar Greens WD30EZRX, WD30EZRS
  • JCCCAAA - 2TB Western Digital Caviar Green WD20EARX 64MB Cache (Thanks Joe!)

If you need to buy it you can get it here:
Western Digital WD Elements 2 TB USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive

WD Elements Portable:

  • 320GB: Western Digital Scorpio Blue WD3200 BEVT
  • 320GB: Western Digital AV WD3200 BUDT
  • 500GB: Western Digital  WD5000BPVT
  • 250GB:  WD Elements 250Gb USB  WDBAAR2500ABK-00,  Scorpio Black WD2500BJKT (Thanks Dude from finland)

Seems like there are still some stock of the non SE versions available!
If you need to buy it you can get it here:
Western Digital WD Elements 500 GB USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive

WD Elements SE Portable:
  • 500GB: Western Digital Scorpio Blue WD5000 BMVV - This is native USB can't use it anywhere!
  • 1TB: WD10TMVW (Native USB3.0)
If you need to buy it you can get it here:
Western Digital WD Elements SE 1 TB USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive

You can also refer to this post on how to tell if your external usb drive is usable as a SATA drive or not.

I would like to extend this list, if you have opened up a WD elements harddrive with a different specification, please leave some comments with the model found or you can email me at bychaw at gmail dot com



  1. Just got my box of drives! These are all 2TB Desktop models, so far I've just opened the one, which is a WD20EARS with 64MB cache!!!

    Picture here.

    Damn I feel lucky! :D

    Will let you know if some of the others contain other types of drive :)

  2. Update: Having opened all 13 now (becoming quite skilled at it here ;) ), there were four drives of the WD20EADS type with 32 MB cache.

    The EARS ones are all dated April 22nd, while the EADS ones are dated April 14th, so it appears they've shifted to the faster type somewhere inbetween.

    Also, you can actually tell by the type numbers on the casing of the drive itself and on the retail box.

    The 64 MB EARS drives have a DCM number on the box of "JCCCAAB" - on the drive casing itself it says "JCCCAA" (without the B) just above "Product of Thailand" on the bottom.

    On the 32 MB EADS drives, DCM is "DCCCAAB", and on the drive casing, "DCCCAA".

    So, if one's looking for a 64 MB cache version, look for that magic number ;)

  3. Thanks for the Tip!!

    The DCM number can be found on the paper box as well.

    Its located at the bottom of the box.

  4. WD Elements Desktop, 1.5 TB WDBAAU0015HBK is the model#, I do not have the box anymore.

    the drive inside is WD15EARS with 64MB Cache

  5. Jacko, is there a DCM-like number at the bottom of the drive itself? One that resembles the other ones here?

  6. on the case, just above Product of Malaysia,
    it says CBAAAA

  7. The latest batch of portable WD Elements 2.5" drives no longer contain WD5000BEVT HDDs. The ones I opened up had WD5000BPVT HDDs. These were all dated within 2011. I believe these were the last SATA HDDs before the changeover to the built-in USB port HDDs in the Element SE models. The WD5000BPVT HDDs have the 4K advanced format sectors.

  8. I'm confused as to why you need to open up your drives to find out what is inside them...

    why not use a disk utility?

  9. CompUSA ran a special last week (13 Aug): $119 for a WD Elements 3TB USB 2.0. I figured w/ USB 2.0 it couldn't be a SATA 6 drive, but still, that’s $20 less than the cheapest price I've seen so far for any 3.0TB bare drive, so I jumped on it. Mine is a P/N WDBAAUOO30HBK-NESN, DCM MCCCAAB. When I cracked the case (exactly like shown on your WD Essentials Desktop video), I found a WD Caviar Green 3.0 TB SATA/64MB Cache WD30EZRS manufactured on 24 Mar 11. That model is listed as a SATA 3 drive on several sites. Looks like now that WD has a Green SATA 6 3TB on the market, everybody is clearing the SATA 3 versions off the shelves.

  10. we are interested in "what model" hard disk drive is found in there.
    Can it be used elsewhere on PS3 or Laptop?

    Very often, usb hdd are cheaper than hdd itself in retail shops.

  11. I've just opened WD Elements 250Gb USB. WDBAAR2500ABK-00. Inside i found 2.5" Scorpio Black WD2500BJKT. This is much better disk than my laptop has.So 29euros for this usb hdd was worth of opening.

  12. Thank you very much for this info. Anyone knows what model ( are inside the 3TB elements? ( if it can be used as a normal internal hard disk.
    Thank you.

  13. I've just bought a Elements 2 TB which is labeled "JCCCAAB" on the box and "JCCCAA" on the drive case.

    According to the information above there should be a WD20EARS drive inside, but the siw diagnostic tools reports that it's a WD20EACS !

    So the letters on the label semms not to be reliably...

  14. I bought a 2.5TB Elements Drive.
    The DCM was SCCCAAA
    The drive was a WD25EZRS. 64MB Cache Caviar Green

  15. I bought a recert one 640GB WD Elements around July last year - WDBAAR6400ABK-00 with EABAAA above the Recert in Malaysia in the back - Any clue if this will be a SATA or native USB? And also what kind of drive in there? Thanks :).

  16. Polysty77,

    I am assuming your 640GB is a 2.5" drive, at this stage I will probably measure it's length.

    If it's about 5" long, it's likely to be a SATA drive

    If it's only 4.5" then it's a USB ony drive.

    More details here:

    Do let us know so that I can update on this page as well.

  17. will buy wd20eacs used or new (only working) in US.

  18. 2TB WD20EARX, USB2.0

    WD30EZRX 64MB Cache

  20. Can someone help me please. I have a 5tb we elements hdd and the light to show power will not turn on. I took it apart and it all seems fine apart from the metel bit on the mini usb port has come off. What is this for and do i need to position it back on in a special way?


  21. There are different configuration available for hp portable hard disks.hp portable hard disk

  22. Bought a 3TB WDBAAU0030HBK-EESN, which has a WD30EZRX 64MB Cache

  23. I've changed hdd but I can not use it. Because, "Access Denied" shows on screen. What should I do?

  24. @Ceyhun: If you have a previously partitioned drive and you put it in this enclosure, it'll fail to be recognized. I'm not sure why, but when you partition a drive that's in this enclosure, some space is left unused at the end of the drive, and it seems to be a requirement for it to function (perhaps extra space for bad sectors?).

    Anyway, try wiping the drive completely before putting it in the enclosure. And by wiping, I mean put it on a regular connection (SATA in a regular PC), then remove the MBR and possibly GPT, or in layman's terms, get rid of the partition table altogether. Then stuff it back into the enclosure and format it there.

  25. If you don't know how to do this (and you're using Winblows), a more foolproof way would be to again remove it from the enclosure, attach it to Winblows with a SATA cable, then in Computer Management and the disk thingamajig in there, remove the existing partition, and then create a new one, making it about 100MB smaller than what is possible. That should also work.

  26. Have just put drive from an Elements 3TB into windows 7 pc and it asks me to format the drive. A look at disk management reports an 801Gb partition set as RAW and two other separate areas as unallocated. Does anyone know what this is? These drives should be full of movies!! Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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