Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How to disassemble Seagate Expansion Desktop Drive

How to disassemble Seagate Expansion Desktop Drive and prepare it for first use.

This is about Seagate Expansion Desktop Drive.
The hdd you will get at the end of this is a 3TB Seagate Barrucada.

You will need to convert this HDD to GPT partition before use. See below for more details.

Model number: 
Speed: 7200RPM
Cache: 64mb

For the portable version, please refer to this post.:

To purchase this, just click on the link below:

View the unboxing video here:

View the dis-assembly video here:

Seagate 3TB Expansion desktop drive:

To remove the case, look for the power/usb port side

Slowly use a clip to unlock these clips... swap to the opp side.. do the same.. and then do the same to the sides..

To purchase this, just click on the link below:

The drive that you will get is a Seagate Barrucada

Picture of the USB to SATA converter:

Preparing your 3TB Drive for first use:
Because it's a 3TB drive, it will not work out of the box..  you need to prepare it to be a GPT drive before you can use it.

View the video here on how to prepare your drive to work on your pc:

More pictures:


To purchase this, just click on the link below:


  1. I am sorry to tell the HDD quality wouldnt be great to fit in desktop system......

    1. No issues using the HDD on my Desktop.. all's working well!

  2. Cheers, that was enough to get me into the drive - I'm not sure how well it would work in a desktop system, but it works well in my NAS drive, and leaves me with a spare SATAT->USB3 caddy. :)

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  4. have no idea why folks think this wont work on a desktop, its just a standard barracuda inside, in fact these externals are cheaper than the bare drives... so even if you need an internal buy this and you have a free usb box for the drive you are replacing or whatever :)

  5. Why bother to go to all of this trouble when hard drives can be installed right out of either OEM or retail packaging...makes no sense at all?



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